Second Vice District Governor

Lion Rogel Bautista

Greetings, fellow Lions!

We have started another Lion year and I hope everyone is excited to continue, with renewed enthusiasm, their journey of service. As we ease out of the challenges of the pandemic we, as Lions, are presented with a lot of opportunities to serve.

Our clubs and our district have a lot to offer. Let us capitalize on this to do better, to do more, to make our journey as Lions more meaningful. Working together in unity will surely bring the best in us and make our service more impactful and our camaraderie and bond as Lions stronger.

To quote LCI President Brian Sheehan – “Let’s be each other’s biggest fans. Let’s make it clear that when Lions put their energy into a project, they do it with a world of support behind them. We are one team”.

Let’s welcome every opportunity and every challenge that will come our way. Our faith in our mission and each other will help us accomplish anything we want to do. Together, we can.

May God continue to bless us and our families and inspire and guide us in everything that we do, especially in making a difference in the lives of others and making this world a better place.

Sharing ourselves in the service of others is a source of profound joy.

Have a wonderful Lion year 2022-2023!

Yours in Lionism and service,

Lion Rogel Bautista