Lion Varsha Naik


Master’s Degree in Economics and Statistics

Master’s Program of the Lions University

Advance Lions Leadership Institute Graduate

Dear Lions,

It was my honor to receive your support over the years. I would like to thank you for the opportunity you provided me to serve our district and clubs. As we put this pandemic behind us, I am looking for your support to strengthen our service. We will work together with kindness and love. I am determined to lead by example. I had an opportunity to interact with International VP Douglas Alexander and discuss his goals. His goals as the International President are focused on membership, communication, and leadership development.

Lets work on stronger Membership, better communication, sustainable leadership development. I am educating myself for last few years to understand the needs of our district, and I will be working with the district, multiple district and international officers to provide all possible resources to improve our service impact. I am very much open for your suggestions.

Yours in Lionisn

Varsha Naik


  • Chartered 3 Lions and 2 Leo clubs.
  • Recruited over 30 members in existing Lions clubs.
  • Envisioned and executed several cultural exchange programs for community outreach enhancing the image of our association.
  • District Governor’s Appreciation Award (2015 and 2018)
  • International Presidents Leadership Medal (2015 and 2018)
  • PIP Dr. Ramiro Collazo Membership Award (2018)
  • International President’s Certificate (2018)
  • Melvin Jones Fellowship (2018)
  • Progressive MJF (2019)
  • Senior Master Key for 25 recruiting Members
  • LCIF Helping Hands Award (2020)
  • Certified Guiding Lion (2018)

Past Initiatives

  • Annual Art Competition for the youth from 2015
  • Socials for Individuals with Special Needs (4 times a year)
  • Dance workshops for the Visually impaired
  • Feeding the homeless at Perth Amboy during Thanksgiving.
  • Supporting graduating students of Katzenbach School.
  • Lions Diabetes Symposium.
  • Disaster Relief Fundraisers for various disasters.
  • Fundraising concerts supporting Corona Warriors.
  • Production and distribution of masks to hospitals during the early stages of the pandemic
  • Annual STEM competition for the youth.
  • Annual Diabetes Management workshops during awareness month
  • Annual “Dance for a cause” for raising awareness of social issues
  • Zumba for Diabetes Awareness locally as well as at the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum
  • Virtual Leo Leadership Programs
  • Winter Jackets distribution for the homeless

Focus on Strengthening our Pride

  • Implementing “Global membership Approach” at Club and Zone level and prepare a long-term plan for sustainable membership growth
  • Process of building a vision for the district is already underway with the help of our clubs, your input is very much appreciated
  • Helping smaller clubs to grow through recruitment training and district resources.
  • Improving Lions Image through PR campaigns
  • Empowering youth through service initiatives
  • Inclusion of all clubs and transparency in district administration
  • Improving coordination between traditional and new clubs.
  • Helping our clubs with resources from Lions Clubs International.
  • Comprehensive learning opportunities through virtual and in-person workshops throughout the year
  • Improving interclub and district communication