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Cabinet Treasurer

Lion Subarna Sahni

Lion Subarna Sahni is a committed Lion volunteer for over 9 years. She calls herself a compulsive volunteer; devoting her time and skills to volunteering with local organizations, township committees, and civic bodies. She is a member of the Princeton Lions Club since 2019. Subarna has served in numerous positions within the Lions organization. She has served the association as a Club President, Zone Chair, GLT Coordinator, District Leo Chairperson, and Global Membership Team Coordinator. In 2020, she was asked to serve on the Young Lions Task Force created under LCI’s NAMI Initiative.

Lion Subarna attended the Emerging Lions Leadership Institute in 2017 and the Advanced Lion Leadership Institute in 2019. In addition, she has facilitated seminars at the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Institute.

In addition to her appointment as Cabinet Secretary of District 16J in 2022-23, she also serves as MD 16 Marketing Chairperson. Lion Subarna is also a Trustee on the 16J Charitable Foundation Board.

Lion Subarna is an independent publishing and digital marketing consultant. In 2014, she co-founded an online publishing platform for South Asian women writers. With more than 15 years of experience in marketing and sales, she specializes in account acquisition and customer engagement. Lion Subarna holds a Master’s Diploma in Business Management and has worked across different industry segments namely banking, media and hospitality. Lion Subarna holds a Master’s Diploma in Business Management.

Lion Subarna Sahni has been married to Lion Sandip Sahni for 22 years, and they are the proud parents of two siblings, Leo-Lion Ronaq and Leo Ruhaan Sahni, as well as their four-legged son Oscar.

Lion Dianne Andrade
Lion Dianne Andrade

Lion Dianne Andrade is a business executive, currently employed at Syneos Health as the Executive Director of the Commercial Project Management Organization. Lion Dianne holds a degree in International Affairs and Business and has worked in the Higher Education and Healthcare industries. Lion Dianne developed a strong sense of volunteerism early in life, joining her family in various humanitarian causes, and supporting her local community and her extended community in Portugal. Lion Dianne has been a Lion for over 30 years since she joined the Newark Portuguese Lions Club in 1991. She is a member of the Elizabeth Portuguese Lions Club and has served numerous positions with the organization, including Club President, Club Secretary, Zone Chair, and Cabinet Treasurer.

In addition to serving as the 2022-2023 Cabinet Treasurer for 16J, she is also the Credentials Committee Chair.

Lion Dianne Andrade resides in Union with her husband, Lion Ramiro Andrade, and their two boys, Lion Daniel and Hunter.

Region & Zones

Region 1: (Union County)
Chair: Rey Fonseca

Zone 1 Chair
Zone 2 Chair
Zone 3 Chair
Lion Ramiro Andrade
Lion John Bernal
Lion John Schweska

Region & Zones

Region 2 (Middlesex +)
Chair: Cathy Vincent

Zone 4 Chair
Zone 5 Chair
Zone 6 Chair
Zone 7 Chair
Lion Rahul More
Lion Komal Dangi
Lion Doriann Kerber
Lion Tricia Sooter Neilson

Region & Zones

Region 3
Chair: Kevin Helewa

Zone 8 Chair
Zone 9 Chair
Zone 10 Chair
Zone 11 Chair
Lion Bina Mehta
Lion Jerry Accomando
Lion Gloria Hermosa
Lion Tom Antosiewicz